"If your God is so mighty, why doesn't He speak my language?"

A Cakchiquel (Guatemala) man to SIL founder William Cameron Townsend


One hand cannot tie a bundle

Partnerships are at the core of the approach of SIL. All through the 40 years of work in Cameroon we have realized the truth of the African proverb “One hand cannot tie a bundle”. Language based development requires first of all the participation of the communities themselves. It is their language and as such part of their cultural identity. But others could and should joint them in the use and protection of that langague. The government of Cameroon obviously has an important role to play. It recognizes that and it this is even reflected in the constitution of the Republic. The technical aspect of language research is done in partnership with the universities. And finally there is an aspect of language use, in which we partner with churches, international NGOs and local organizations. We zealously maintain all of these partnerships. Together with the partners below we will work towards a great future for the 270 languages of Cameroon.

Ministère de la Recherche Scientifique et de l'Innovation (MINRESI)
Ministère des Relations Extérieures (MINREX)
Ministère de la Jeunesse (MINJEUN)
Ministère de l'Education de Base (MINEDUB)
Université de Yaoundé 1
Association Camerounaise de Traduction de la Bible et de l'Alphabétisation (CABTAL)
Association Nationale des Comités de Langues du Cameroun (ANACLAC)
Alliance Biblique du Cameroun
Forum des Agences Bibliques du Cameroun (FOBAC)
Campus pour Christ Cameroun
Ligue pour la Lecture de la Bible au Cameroun
Les Eglises Locales
Les Comités des Langues
La SIL Internationale