"If your God is so mighty, why doesn't He speak my language?"

A Cakchiquel (Guatemala) man to SIL founder William Cameron Townsend

News of the past 24 months.

Retreat and Team Building for the Coastal Bantu Cluster (Kwasio, Batanga, Yasa and SIL Personnel)

From the 11th to 15th September 2017, at SIL Cameroon CTC in Yaoundé, the Coastal Bantu Cluster had their retreat. This private time was organised as part of a new initiative in the Capacity Building Department that aims to facilitate the personal development and spiritual growth of language teams by providing regular retreats and team building sessions for them. It provide an opportunity for translators, literacy workers, Scripture Engagement workers, narrators, etc. to stop and reflect on their work, to focus on their relationship with God and with each other. The main objective of the retreat was to facilitate a growing sense of team spirit at a local level, but also in the whole movement of language development and Bible translation so that the participants will see SIL and other partners as all playing on the same team.

This first retreat was facilitated by three experienced missionaries coming from the US: Bryan Friesen (Director of Learning and Development at JAARS), Marty Barkey (Director of the Intercultural Communications Course at JAARS), and Al Andrews (Trainer of mission workers serving with SIM). It was a great joy to have Eszter Ernst-Kurdi (Personal Growth Facilitator, SIL Cameroon) as a coordinator of the Retreat and Team Building for the Coastal Bantu Cluster.

posted: 2017-09-29