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These electronic publications are published by SIL Cameroon. They represent the concrete results of research carried out by SIL field members and others. Some are preliminary work papers and not polished research. They are based on field notes and are in some cases the work of young researchers with minimal training. Language policy proposals included in technical documents do not necessarily represent the position of SIL Cameroon.

The following publications are available as PDF files. The titles are links to the actual files, which you may view using Acrobat Reader or save to your own disk.

Language Title Author Year Pages Size
Diverse A Rapid Appraisal of the Western Beboid Languages (Mechum Division, North-West province) ALCAM [876, 877, 878, 879] 1999 39 1375
Diverse A Sociolinguistic Survey of the Glavda, Cineni and Vemgo-Mabas Languages of Cameroon and Nigeria (Rapid appraisal) 2004 37 1698
Diverse A Sociolinguistic Survey of the Gvoko and Guduf Languages of Cameroon and Nigeria (Rapid appraisal) 2004 32 1508
Diverse Langues nationales et développement communautaire 1984 52 4241
Diverse Musical Invigoration of Cultural Dynamism in a Bamiléké Dance Association 2004 30 1905
Diverse Philosophie et procédure pour la rédaction d'un syllabaire 1982 28 999


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